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We will be adding a automated Floor cost calculator for wood flooring,vinyl,laminate,amtico and carpet tiles very soon in the mean time to work out your carpet requirements please measure the widest point of your room allowing for drop backs and note that most carpets come in 4m (13.1 ft ) widths.


ie if your room is 16'0 x 12'0 you will need to order 16'3 (to allow for cutting) x 13.1

to get sq yd's 16.25 x 13.175 divided by 9 this will give you your sq yard requirement

to work out sq meters multiply sq yards by 0.836

You then need to add up the cost of carpet / under lay and fitting price and multiply it by your sq yardage or meterage and do this for each area you want carpeted.

then add on any extras you require such as door bars door easing ect

This is only a guide and we will be pleased to offer you a free professional estimate upon request

We still working on the PHP script to work this out for you in the mean time if you would like us to work out how much material you will need to cover your floor please email or fax over a flooring plan indcicating the areas you would like covered and we will work it out for you - even if you are not buying the carpet from us

- Please note prices will be based on the measurements you have taken so please double check all sizes.



Please click on calculation you require

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EZ Carpets - Terms and Conditions

Flooring quotes are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have further repairs we make every endeavor to spot this before laying but in some cases this is not possible..

Prices given do not allow for any unforseen problems and will be pointed out by the fitter before work commences

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