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Address: 58 St Dionis Rd Fulham London SW6 4TU
Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104
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Crucial Trading Carpets - Natural Flooring

Crucial Trading have been around for 25 years and have a wide range of stylish and inspirational wool carpets and natural floor coverings they have been one of the leading companies in bringing an amazing array of new floor coverings to the UK home and contract market, working to create the most beautiful natural textures, weaves and designs using some of the finest natural materials from around the world you are sure to find a carpet to suit your design.

With a small team of designers crucial trading are always coming up with new interesting designs and textures to make your home look stylish and fresh.

Crucial Trading produce some of the finest carpets from 100% pure wool and the finest natural fibres such as coir, jute, sea grass and sisal.

The ranges available from the crucial collection will give you inspiration for your home and will enable you to create a fresh contemporary design with the rich colour palette from pure white to deep chocolate.

EZ Carpets are a specialist in supplying and fitting natural carpets, the natural flooring from crucial has different requirements for installation than regular carpet and we advise you have your carpets installed by a professional fitter experienced in these types of flooring, we have many years experience in laying these materials and are one of London Biggest installers of natural carpet

Please call for the latest crucial trading prices - We have a price match guarantee with all fully fitted carpet on all crucial trading wool and natural floor coverings.

You can see pictures of all the carpets @ crucial's official site


Floor Covering Code Width (m) Fully Fitted Price

Crucial Trading Sisal

Basket T300, T301, T302 4 **Price Match**
Basket Accents T306, T307,T308 4 **Price Match**
Big Boucle Classics E311, E312, E313 4 **Price Match**
Big Boucle
E658, E659, E670, E684 4 **Price Match**
Big Boucle Romo E500, E501 5 **Price Match**
Big Boucle Titan D592, D593 4 **Price Match**
Harry D700, D701, D702, D703 4 **Price Match**
Harry Accents D706, D707 4 **Price Match**
Herringbone E110, E400, E401 4 **Price Match**
Linen C7100, C7101, C7102, C7103, C7104 4 **Price Match**
Linen Accents C7106, C7107 4 **Price Match**
Oriental E100, E101, E102, E103, E104 4 **Price Match**
Oriental Accents E106, E107, E125, E126 4 **Price Match**
Panama Classics P401, P402, P406, P407 4 **Price Match**
Panama Accents E869, E831 4 **Price Match**
Panama New Champagne E220, E221, E222, E223 4 **Price Match**
Panama Venecia P100, P101 5 **Price Match**
Small Boucle Classics C650, C651, C652, C653, C654, C656 4 **Price Match**
Small Boucle Accents C658, C659, C712, C714, C715, C716, C717, C718, C719, C800, C801, C802, C858 4 **Price Match**
Small Boucle C CC981, CC982, CC983,
CC984, CC985, CC986,
CC987, CC988, CC989
4 **Price Match**
Small Boucle L CL231 , CL232, CL233
CL234 , CL235
4 **Price Match**
Solitaire E551, E552 4 **Price Match**
Grand Oriental D800, D801, D802 4 **Price Match**
Rafiki R500, R501, R502, R503. R504, R506 4 **Price Match**
Mahale M500, M501, M502, M503, M504, M506 4 **Price Match**
Crucial Trading Seagrass      
Original SG 4 **Price Match**
Basket weave SBW 4 **Price Match**
Herringbone Classics SGH 4 **Price Match**
Herringbone Accents SGH1, SGH2, SGH3 4 **Price Match**
Fine Seagrass Original FSG 4 **Price Match**
Fine Seagrass Herringbone FSGH 4 **Price Match**
Fine Seagrass Basket weave FSBW 4 **Price Match**
Crucial Trading Carpet Jute      
Herringbone JT900 4 **Price Match**
Ju-Tweed JT803 4 **Price Match**
Jhutex JT700 4 **Price Match**
Perak JT300, JT301 4 **Price Match**
Crucial Trading Coir      
Panama Natural PN 3.94 & 5 **Price Match**
Panama Bleached PB   **Price Match**
Herringbone Natural HBN 3.94 & 5 **Price Match**
Herringbone Bleached HBB 3.94 **Price Match**
Herringbone Contrast HBC 3.94 **Price Match**
Boucle Natural BN 3.94 & 5 **Price Match**
Boucle Bleached BB 3.94 **Price Match**
Crucial Trading Carpets - Paper      
Papaflat PFN, PFD 3.66 **Price Match**
Woven Paper WP001, WP002, WP003, WP004, WP005 3.66 **Price Match**
Crucial Trading Bamboo      
Bamboo BBN 2 **Price Match**
Wild Bamboo WB01, WB02, WB03 2 **Price Match**
Wool Carpets      
Arran WA100, WA101, WA102, WA103, WA104 4 **Price Match**
Chunky WF155, WF156, WF157, WF159, WF106, Wf161,
4 **Price Match**
Flatweave Classics WF100, WF101, WF102, WF105, WF114, WF115, WF116 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Herringbone WH801, WH802 4 **Price Match**
Skinnyrib WF147, WF148, WF149 4 **Price Match**
Linen n Wool WL770, WL771, WL772, WL773, WL774 4 **Price Match**
Mississippi Stripe WS100, WS101, WS102, WS103, WS104, WS105, WS106, WS107, WS108, WS109, WS110, WS111 4 **Price Match**
Pompom WM100, WM101, WM102, WM103 4 **Price Match**
Wool n Country WN214, WN215, WN216, WN217, WN218, WN219, WN220 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Mahon WM310, WM311, WM312, WM313, WM314 4 **Price Match**
Dune WD801, WD803, WD804, WD805, WD806, WD807, WD808 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Pecos WP700, WP 701, WP702, WP703, WP704, WP705, WP707 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Sisool Big Boucle Classics G600, G601, G602, G603, G604, G605, G606 4 **Price Match**
Sisool Small Boucle Classics F814, F815, F816, F820, F821, F822, F823 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Sisool Tric M800, M801, M802, M803, M804 4 **Price Match**
Tokelau WK200, WK201, WK202, WK203, WK204, WK205, WK206 4 **Price Match**
Moloko WO900, WO901, WO902, WO903, WO904 4 **Price Match**
Taupo WU700, WU701, WU702 4 **Price Match**
Malabar WB800, WB801, WB802, WB803 4 **Price Match**
Kyoto KT991, KT992, KT993, KT994, KT995, KT996, KT997 4 **Price Match**
Popcorn WV401, WV402, WV403, WV404 4 & 5 **Price Match**
Manhattan MH880, MH881, MH882, MH883, MH884 4 **Price Match**
Wilton CW150, CW160, CW180, CW190, CW152, CW162, CW182, CW192, CW164, CW184, CW194, CW155, CW165, CW185, CW195 0.69

Sold Per linear meter
**Price Match**
Audrey WFS1, WFS2 4 **Price Match**
Cobble WC4900, WC4901, WC4902, WC4903, WC4904, WC4905 4 **Price Match**
Cookie WC5555, WC5555, WC5557, WC5558, WC5559, WC5560, WC5561, WC5562 4 **Price Match**
Dream WD9500, WD9501, WD9502, WD9503, WD9504, WD9505, WD9506, WD9507 4 **Price Match**
Dune WD801, WD803, WD804, WD805, WD806, WD807, WD808 4 **Price Match**
Linear WL3500, WL3501, WL3502, WL3503, WL3504, WL3505, WL3506 4 **Price Match**
Shire WC300, WC301, WC302, WC303, WC304 4 **Price Match**
Shropshire WSH400, WSH401, WSH402, WSH403, WSH404, WSH405 4 **Price Match**


Select natural flooring of your choice


  1. Coir Carpets
  2. Jute Carpets
  3. Seagrass Carpet
  4. Sisal Carpet

EZ Carpets - Terms and Conditions

Natural Carpet from the following brands

If you have any other floor covering you would like us to supply and fit please contact us and we will do all we can to help.

Our carpet fitters will do all they can to make sure you are happy with our services

All our fitters work with a high degree of professionalism


Flooring quotes for all crucial trading flooring are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have further repairs we make every endeavor to spot this before laying but in some cases this is not possible..

Prices given do not allow for any unforeseen problems and will be pointed out by the fitter before work commences

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