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Address: 58 St Dionis Rd Fulham SW6 4TU
Tel: 07956 877 053 / 0208 123 9104
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Westex Carpets


Westex Carpets - fine quality carpets supplied and fitted in the London area

We can arrange to install and supply all the carpet ranges from Westex please contact us for the current price on any of the carpets listed

Westex carpets a UK leading high end carpet supplier of quality carpets

Westex Carpets based in West Yorkshire have a wide range of high quality carpets Westex owns and controls all part of their manufacturing and distribution this enables Westex to provide exceptional customer service in the UK and worldwide.

Westex provide carpets for both the domestic and commercial situations and you can appreciate that Westex Carpets represents great value for money and they suitable for even the most prestigious of installations.

Want a colour that no one else has, Westex offer a custom dye service.

Westex Velvet and Westex Twist Pile carpets only use fine 2-fold and 3-fold yarns in thier carpets, the advantage of these yarns is they act like a spring to give superior quality, resilience and durability, preventing unexplained pile reversal with enhanced non-crush properties. Unlike single yarn carpets made by a lot of other carpet manufacturers.

Westex Carpet Ranges

  • Westex Carpets - Ultima Twist
  • Westex Carpets - Westend Velvet
  • Westex Carpets - Luxury 100% Wool
  • Westex Carpets - 100% Wool Loop
  • Westex Carpets - Designer Stripe
  • Westex Carpets - Traditional Twist
  • Westex Carpets - Prestige
  • Westex Carpets - Supreme

Westex Ultima Twist Carpet 1/8th Gauge

  • Fontaine: The longest pile producing a slightly textured finish.
  • Major: Medium pile height with a high tuft density.
  • Ultima: Shorter pile height with a medium tuft density.
  • Penultima: The shortest pile height with a more open tuft density.

Westex Ultima Twist Carpet 1/10th Gauge

  • Gold: The highest tuft density and pile to produce the finest possible twist carpet.
  • Talisman: A long pile height with a high tuft density.
  • Talana: Medium pile height and a high tuft density.
  • Trident: The shortest pile height with a good tuft density.

Other Carpet suppliers we can supply and install

EZ Carpets - Terms and Conditions

We try to keep all appointments but are some times held up we are not liable for the odd time we are late

Please point out any cables or pipes prior to installation to your carpet fitter- All cables and pipes that are not clearly visable and not mentioned to us we can not be held accountable for.

Quotes are given on an as seen basis and upon uplifting carpets or vinyl some floors may need to have further repairs we make every en devour to spot this before laying your new flooring but in some cases this is not possible until the fitter has uplifted your carpet

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